company profile

O.M. CAN AND PRINTING CO.,LTD., conducts the business of lacquering printed materials and colour printing of any graphics on metal sheets which are used for forming metal boxes as containers for various kinds of processed foods .They are also used widely for dried foods which are for distribution in the market place.

In 1970,O.M. CAN AND PRINTING CO.,LTD., started the business of lacquering and printing the graphics on the metal sheets under the name of BANLUELERT PRINTING PRESS and was located on Ekkachai road, Bangkhunthian, Bangkok, with Mr. Boonlue Ngarmphromsakul being the proprietor and operator.

Some years later, being very much favoured by the country's rapid economic growth, the company was continuously expanding at a very large scale .This rapid expansion necessitated the relocation of the company to a larger space in Samutsakhon Province in 1990 ,where it has been in operation until today. The new location has been quite ideal for the company's operation because it is close to most of its key clients. Upon its moving to the new place it changed its name to O MAX CAN & PRINTING CO.,LTD. with Mr. Thammanoon Ngarmphromsakul as its Managing Director.

In 1994 further expansion took place. The company diversified its core business into the manufacturing of the metal cans for dry foods and some consumer products such as cookies, engine oil additives and snack foods.

The company's products and performance have been well welcomed and appreciated in the domestic market throughout the country. This is because only the first rate machines are selected and used for the production line . For instance, the lacquering and graphic printing on metal sheets are done by the machines from MAILENDER and CRABTREE ; and for paint baking the LTG machines are used. These machines are well known and recognized for their foremost high quality and performance in the world today.

Besides , the company has made substantial social contribution by adopting the high standard of pollution control which will not endanger the environment and also by being law-abiding enterprise by always employing the lawful labour for its work force.

Because of the company's long experience in lacquering process and colour printing of graphics on metal sheets , the high performance machinery used and the determination of the management and the staff to maintain consistent high quality , the company's clients have increasingly thrown great confidence and trust in the company's responsibility and products all these years.


1. Improve work processes. The management standards. To create satisfied customers. Both in terms of quality and service.

2. Product development and manufacturing technology. To establish a stable growth of the organization. It is also a good image.

3. Development of personnel at all levels. And expertise to work for. Progress and a better quality of life.


Commitment to product quality and standards. On the basis of fair employment. And taking into account the environment. To maintainits leading position in the color printing.The lacquer coating on the metal plate.It is an industry leader in metal packaging. Can the general line.Within five years.